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The Speaker


Guy-Francis presents an inspiring talk that reveals the secrets to overcoming severe adversity and turning your life into unlimited breakthrough opportunities.

Having endured poverty and tremendous setbacks while growing up in Africa, Guy speaks about his life changing experiences, and uncovers the tools that empower you to succeed in life.


By applying the principles of overcoming adversity and setbacks, he shows how any difficulty or hardship can be turned into a catalyst for transformative change. Be prepared to discover the greatness in you that will help turn your seemingly impossible dreams into breakthrough opportunities and give your life a powerful sense of meaning. 


Effective Leadership

To be effective at leading and managing people and organizations in a changing business environment, it is imperative to understand your leadership styles.


This topic will help participants uncover and develop their own leadership skills and help them effectively deal with employees and clients who display different leadership styles. Participants in this seminar will be able to increase employee morale and improve productivity by becoming the effective leaders they always wanted to be.  

Change Management

In this topic, we explore how to enhance organizational effectiveness by initiating change in response to new opportunities or challenges that your business entity or organization is facing in today’s very competitive, complex, and challenging business environment.


At the end of this presentation, audience members will be able to apply simple and practical strategies that will help your organization implement change and make it more effective.

Expanding Your Mind

This topic gives you the tools to empower your mind and turn your life’s adversities into breakthrough opportunities and become an extraordinary achiever.

By applying five basic principles one is able to overcome adversity and setbacks.  This is a lesson on how any difficulty or hardship can be turned into a catalyst for transformative change. It renders your personal and professional goals and dreams more achievable


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