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ABOUT Guy-Francis


Guy-Francis Moussavou was born into poverty in Nyali, a small village in Gabon, Africa and has an uncommon and inspiring life story. 

He was raised by his mom and his uncle, a retired military policeman, after his father abandoned him before being born.

Guy-Francis grew up in a house of 8 children, and he and his siblings shared the same bed until he was 12. They had only one meal a day and he walked about 30 miles round trip to and from school while in 6th grade in Libreville the capital city of Gabon.


A high school dropout, he worked many different labor jobs, until one day, at the age of 20, a friend told him about opportunities in America. During his odyssey to the USA, he was jailed in Paris, while trying to get to the Abbey School in London, where he got a scholarship to study English as a Second Language. 12 years later, he landed in America with only his suitcase and a big dream and not a penny in his pocket.


He graduated from Washington State University where he obtained a Bachelor’s of Art in Communication and a Bachelor’s of Science in Nursing, and he is currently pursuing his MBA at Western Governors University.

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